Sinatra Portfolio Project

Posted by Chad L on October 21, 2020

In order to get a good understanding of the ‘under the hood’ aspects of Rails, there are some important things to know we can learn using Sinatra. This project was to create an Sinatra based app using CRUD and MVC. I chose to make an app to track your expenses, which also displays monthly and annual totals.

By creating multiple controllers (Users/Bills) and using Sinatra Sessions with our User (model and controller) we can also enable security features and persist data as needed.

Users are able to signup, login, and logout, while Bills are can be created, edited, and destroyed. Some basic math is applied to extrapolate monthly and annual expenses.

Overall, this was a great experience building our first full stack application project with Sinatra and Ruby, utilizing CRUD and MVC. It helped to solidify my understanding of interactions with MVC and create something fun.