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Posted by Chad L on February 25, 2020

The main take away for me from this section is utilizing attributes of an object class by using the “attr_accessor” to make attributes available throughout the different class methods you may be building. Attr_accessors represent instances of the defined attribute. For instance, if we create the proper attr_accessor’s and then define our initialize method utilizing the instance variables (@’s) we can access instance values. In the case of this initialize method, we are accessing those instances upon the initialization of a cash register instance, and setting those variable equal to the desired values.

``class CashRegister attr_accessor :total, :last_price, :discount, :quantity, :title, :price

def initialize(discount = 0 ) @total = 0 @discount = discount @items = [] @last_price = [] end ``

The ability to access instances of information is a key component of using Ruby objects and classes.